Tonight I decided to share some pictures of little wagons.

girl, doll, wagon, grandma, lawnHere is my Dad’s second cousin Ada, and her doll, playing with a little Radio Super wagon. Her grandma Florine is watching her play.

wagon, girl in dress, little girl, empty wagonHere is one of my Mom’s sisters pulling an old wagon.

Little Red Wagon, Birthday present, Old Truck, Memories, BowtieCan you guess who this handsome little guy is?

Trikes and Wagons, Red Wagons, Sutter, California, Sutter Post OfficeHere we have a train of wagons and trikes. We were visiting our grandparent’s house in Sutter, California. Is that the same aunt who is pulling the wagon in the second picture?

4th of July Parade, Bicycles, Wagon, Small town parade, Independence day paradeSince I usually use five pictures, here is one more of me pulling a wagon down Main Street in a small town parade in Ashland, Kansas.


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1 Response to Wagons

  1. Betty says:

    Great pictures. I’m not sure I see kids in wagons much anymore.

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