Books, Bees and Blooms

This afternoon I nmade a quick trip to the library to drop off a book and pick up a few more.

library, book, blossoms, beesWe can now browse the shelves in the library, but for only a short time. Here is my sticker for today that gives my time limit.

library, book, blossoms, beesI was able to check out a few books inside, However, I still had to return my book outside.

library, book, blossoms, beesThis is the time of year when the walkway up to the library entrance is alive with buzzing bees. I usually try and get a good picture of a bee when I visit the library this time of year. Not so good luck today.

library, book, blossoms, beesI also made a quick little trip over to the community rose garden and took a few pictures of the new roses. Can you see me taking the picture?

library, book, blossoms, beesHere you can see that it was a bit windy today. My hair was blowing all over the place.

It was nice to get the books that I had requested, but am still waiting for one that has been on hold for months. Hopefully it will come soon as I am next on the list.

It is very winding tonight. I can hear the trees soughing in the wind.



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