Second Shot

Today I made a second trip to Stockton to the vaccine clinic.

Covid-19 Shot, Kaiser Stockton, vaccinationThis time when I arrived I saw a very long line of people waiting to enter the clinic.

I had complained last month that the line to check in was very long, but then it only made it back to the street.

Covid-19 Shot, Kaiser Stockton, vaccinationHere is where the line ended last month, and I made it to this point after standing in line for a very long time.

covic 19 vaccine, line for shot, stockton, kaiserHere is a map that shows how long the line was. The line started in the bottom left at the red x. In the upper right is a black circle where the line started last month.

covic 19 vaccine, line for shot, stockton, kaiserAt least it was a nice day with warm weather and not much wind.

covic 19 vaccine, line for shot, stockton, kaiserIt was a bit disconcerting to see the long line, especially when it wasn’t moving very fast. I decided to estimate how long I would be in line to see how accurately I could predict the time.

covic 19 vaccine, line for shot, stockton, kaiserFinally I made it around the corner, and it was interesting to see the shadows of the people waiting in line. We were well over a half hour by this point and past the time of my appointment.

However, I had to just patiently wait in line as everyone else was in the same situation.

It was interesting to listen to the people around me talk to each other or to friends on the phone.

Observing behavior of people waiting in line is always interesting.

Finally after an hour and a half I was in the clinic and quickly received my shot. I was only an hour late. Then it was off to the observation room for fifteen minutes.

At least this time I didn’t have to wait in another line to make an appointment for the next shot.

It was a nice drive home through the Central Valley with a great view of the mountains that line the western edge of the valley. However, there was no snow on the tops of the mountain range like there was last month.

I am glad that I have my two shots, and am looking forward to two weeks from now when the vaccine is at full effectiveness.

Perhaps I will celebrate by getting my hair cut.


p.s. My estimate was just about right. Perhaps I should have estimated a shorter time 🙂


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