102 Years Ago

Tonight I am remembering my Grandpa as he was born 102 years ago.

I am alsp thinking back to his parents as they had just lived through The Great Influenza of 1918.

The Great Influenza, John Barry, Flue, epidemicTonight I want to share some pictures from his life that show that we can recover from difficult times in history.

Grandpa - High School Graduation - Family PicturesHere is a picture from my Grandpa’s school days.

Richard Yoder - Preacher - Frytown, Iowa - MemoriesHere is a picture of my Grandpa from when he graduated from college. He started college when in his mid-30s and was in his mid-40’s when he finally received his degree.  I really admire my Grandpa for balancing work and family and finally completing what he started.

Lowenberg Bakery, Ottumwa, Iowa, GrandpaMy Grandpa worked in a lot of places through the years including at Lowenberg Bakery in Ottumwa, Iowa while going to college.

Preacher - Grandpa - Weed, California - Preacher Grandpa - Midwestern School of EvangelismI remember him most though as a preacher, as by the time I was born he had started preaching full time far away in California.

Many years later, after my Grandparents moved back to the Midwest, I made the move to California just as he did when he was younger.

Will I move back to the Midwest when I retire? That is way to far in the future to think about right now 🙂

In any case, some nice memories tonight.


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