Sunday Afternoon Walk

This afternoon, between watching NCAA Basketball Tournament games, I went for a spring walk in the park.

Sunday Walk, Spring, nice weather, roses, treesOn the way to the park I saw a nice little rose starting to bloom. I just had to stop and take a picture.

Sunday Walk, Spring, nice weather, roses, treesYou can tell it was late afternoon with the lengthening shadows. I also like the sun shining on the palm trees. It is nice to have longer spring days this week.

Sunday Walk, Spring, nice weather, roses, treesThere were very few blooms left on the tulip trees, but it was nice to see a few still hanging on.

Sunday Walk, Spring, nice weather, roses, treesIt is nice to be able to see the mountains that line the Central Valley from the park. If I would have taken this picture nine days ago, you would see snow on the mountains.

House, ready to wash, ready to paint, springAs I approached home I decided that I need a good picture of the house as it looks now. The appearance of the house will change over the next couple weeks as I am getting it painted. I received a text today and workers will be here tomorrow to power wash the house and they will probably start the prep work by the end of the week.

Now for some rest before a busy week.


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