In the BAR XVI – In Memory

Many of you have seen my In the BAR post series where I will often share some of my own pictures or thoughts about a recent issue of Biblical Archaeology Review.

hershel shanks, Biblical Archaeology Review, BAR, in memoriam

Hershel Shanks: March 8, 1930—Feb 5, 2021

Tonight is a post that is in memory of Hershel Shanks, the founder of the journal and also the editor for a very long time.

The picture above is from an article in his memory at Biblical Archaeology Today.

Tell es-Sultan - Walls of Jericho - Joshua - Walls Come Tumbling Down - Rahab - HarlotI think back to the many articles that I have read in BAR and how I have learned many things because of the great work that Hershel Shanks has done through the years to make them available to us.

I will share a few pictures from my In the BAR posts as I remember him tonight.

In my first one I shared a picture of the Walls of Jericho.

Masada, Israel, Roman Camp, Siege of Masada, BAR, Biblical Archaeology ReviewIn the issue for In the BAR V there was an article about the Roman siege camps at Masada where I had recently been and taken pictures.

Hippos, Hoppos-Sussita, Archaeological High Horse, Sea of Galilee, BARIn the issue for In the BAR VII there was a short editorial titled Archaeological High Horse by Hershel Shanks. Here is a picture that I took of Hippos.

Do you get the connection?

Lion Gate - Hattusha - Ancient Hittite Capital - Ruins of HattushaThe issue for In the BAR XII featured a great article about the Hittites which allowed me to use some of the pictures that I took at Hattuša and other places in the Hittite homeland.

These are just a quick peek at a few in the series which now reaches to 16 posts.  I have not written them as often the past few years, but still look forward to each issue and always think of the great work that Hershel Shanks started.


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