In the BAR V

This evening when I arrived home and checked the mail I found the latest issue of Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR) in my mailbox.

Of course, I eagerly scanned the contents to see what interesting articles it contained.

It also means that I get to write the latest post in my In the BAR series. This one is number five.

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The cover of BAR has a fantastic aerial photo of Masada and the lead article is The Masada Siege — From the Roman Viewpoint by Gwyn Davies. I am looking forward to reading the article.

Masada, Israel, Roman Camp, Siege of Masada, BAR, Biblical Archaeology ReviewWhen I was in Israel two years ago, one of the places we visited was Masada. Here is a view from the top. In this view you can see the remains of the largest Roman camp. In the article there is a great illustration of the Fortress and Siege-Works and the camp shown is Camp F. The camp is divided into F1 and F2 in the illustration.

Masada, Roman Siege Ramp, BAR, Dead Sea, Flavius Silva, Legio X FretensisWe also looked down on the siege ramp that was built by the Legio X Fretensis under the direction of Flavius Silva.

The history of the Siege of Masada is very interesting, and this article will add to my knowledge of the event.

Masada, Dead Sea, Snake Path, Roman Siege, Israel, BAR, Bucket ListOne of my bucket list items was to climb the Snake Trail at Masada. This tortuous path rises over 400 meters to the top of Masada. For more about our trip to Masada you can visit: Well Below Sea Level

Qumran, Essenes, Dead Sea, BAR, Biblical Archaeology Review, Dead Sea ScrollsAnother article that caught my eye is Searching for the “Original” Bible: Do the Dead Sea Scrolls Help? by Emanuel Tov.

The picture above was taken at Qumran and shows some of the ruins of the Qumran settlement.

Qumran, Dead Sea Scrolls, Caves at Qumran, EssenesI also used this picture in my Well Below Sea Level post. This is Cave 4 at Qumran and is where a large number of scrolls were found.

Qumran Cave 4, Dead Sea Scrolls, Scrolls, Fragments, Bible TextsHere is a closeup of the cave opening.

A quick scan of the article reveals that it looks at textual variants, so it should be an interesting read.

My friend Barry is just finishing his tour of Israel and visited both Masada and Qumran on his trip. You can read more about his tour at: Exploring Bible Lands

I hope you enjoyed this look at the current issue of BAR. I am now ready to read the articles 🙂


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4 Responses to In the BAR V

  1. Gary Bryant says:

    I, too, would love to climb the snake trail but we have never had the time. I have walked down it twice so that will have to do for now. Would love to go back sometime when I could spend a full day at some of these stops to do some exploring. On my bucket list is to walk the Jesus trail from Nazareth to the Capernaum.

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