The Last Blooms

Today I brought some of the last rose blooms of the season inside.

rose bushes, last roses, pruning timeSince Monday was a Holiday I had some time to work in the yard. However, I still could not convince myself to pruned the rose bushes that still had very nice blooms.

rose bushes, pruning, yellow roses, flower arrangementI was also thinking of pruning them yesterday, but the neighbors were having a party and I didn’t want to disturb them. Especially as my yard work plan included trimming a tree that was hanging over where the party was.

pruning rose bushes, last bloomsThis morning between church services I went and salvaged the last rose blooms and trimmed back the longer canes of the two roses bushes shown above. I had planned on cleaning up all the cuttings in the afternoon.

However, wind, rain and football games got in the way of more yard work. I will have to clean up the cuttings when I put out the yard waste container tomorrow evening.

yellow rose buds, will they open, rosesI also saved a bunch of rose buds and will see if they will open up.

roses, arrangement, pruning roses, leftover rosesIt will be nice to have some roses in my office this week. It will be interesting to see how long they will last.

I don’t often bring roses into the house. I like for them to have a natural life on the bushes. However, the end of season pruning is an exception.


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