A Dozen ……

Just as an experiment today I left a post on Facebook that simply said A Dozen ……

I had some interesting responses so I decided to have a little fun. Could I find previously used images on my blog to illustrate the responses?

Tastykake donuts, snack cakes, Flowers Foods, Cinnamon donutsDonughts or Donuts

Yellow Roses, November Roses, Thanksgiving Roses, Winter Roses, Pruning RosesRoses

Net Bag Eggs, Egg Cartons, Packaged Eggs, Chinese eggsEggs

mexican tacos, authentic tacos, mexican foodTacos

Kedma Village, White Cat, Israel, Two Color of EyesLong Tailed White Cats

Taiko - Kumi-daiko - Japanese drumming - drum performanceDrummers Drumming

Hostess Holiday Cake, Sprinkles, Holiday Sprinkles, CakesVegan Cupcakes – Sorry Sis, not a vegan one.

dozen, vegan cupcakes, foodMy sister sent me a picture of some vegan cupcakes so I am adding it here.

blog menu bar, blogkeeping, braman's wanderingsBlogs – Well I am writing a blog post about dozens.

Chinese Magnum Bars, Magnum Classic, Magnum Varieties, Shanghai, BundClay I think maybe you meant Magnum Bars instead of Magnesium 🙂

In-N-Out Hamburgers, Number 1, Combo Order, Burger and FriesHamburgerschurrascaria, meat, food, brazilian BBQNo churros, but how about churrascaria.

Alexander Campbell, Restoration Movement, postcards, linen era, Bethany West VirginiaFor Disciples I have a picture of Alexander Campbell of the Disciples of Christ.Walnuts, nut harvest, pick up toolI had to figure out something for a thingamabob – anybody know what this is?

I think I covered most of what was in the Facebook replies.

This was a bit of fun 🙂




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1 Response to A Dozen ……

  1. 12 hours in a day.
    My fathers family had 12 brothers and sisters.

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