No Christmas Market Trip this Year

For the past couple of years I have made a trip to Germany in December and have been able to go to the Christmas Markets. I also am usually at our office there at the right time to go to the Christmas party there.

However, this year I will not be making the trip.

Christmas Pyramid, Ferris Wheel,WeihnachtspyramideThere is always a carnival going on at this time of year and I enjoy the colorful lights.

Christmas Market, Jena Germany, snow, Christmas TimeI am going to miss the festive time of year there and enjoying the weather that I think of as December weather.

Germany, Christmas Market, Culture, Jena, December, WeihnachtsmarktThere is also a lot of entertainment, and it is interesting to see the wide variety of shows.

It is also good to go in January when the lights are still up, but the markets have closed up.

potatoes, pork, onionsOf course, I am also missing the wonderful food. Lots of good comfort food for the cold weather.

It has been an interesting year. It will be the first year in a very long time that I have not taken a flight.

Instead I have been virtually around the world this year.


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