Thanksgiving Feast for One

Today I had a Thanksgiving feast for one.

I have been thinking and believe that this is really the first time that I have cooked a Thanksgiving feast. When I lived back in Missouri I hosted Thanksgiving at my house once, but I didn’t do the cooking. Of course, I have cooked side dishes a few times, but usually for Thanksgiving I go somewhere where someone else is doing the cooking.

I was not ready to tackle a complete turkey, so decided to cook turkey breasts.

turkey breasts, marinade, miso marinade, thanksgivingI did a little research to determine how I would prepare them and took bits and pieces from different recipes. I knew that I wanted to use a miso marinade, and here are the turkey breasts with the miso marinade applied. These then went in the fridge for 24 hours.

turkey breasts, thanksgiving, potatoes, quartered small potatoesThis morning I quartered small potatoes to cook along with the turkey breasts. I then added a miso with rice vinegar broth into the pan and it was ready for the convection oven.

turkey breasts, baked, potatoes, miso turkeyAfter 75 minutes at 350 it was ready to come out of the oven.

miso turkey breasts, thanksgiving, cooked to perfectionThe turkey was baked just right and looked very delicious.

thanksgiving, setting, feastAfter quickly cooking the vegetables now that the convection oven was free I was ready to sit down to a good meal.

thanksgiving meal, turkey, vegetables, potatoes, teaThere were a few things missing like a cranberry relish, but there was definitely enough for me to have a wonderful Thanksgiving feast.

It all tasted wonderful, and the turkey was some of the best I have had for Thanksgiving.

While enjoying my meal I thought about the many things that we can be thankful for, even though it has been a difficult year.

It is also nice to have leftover turkey. I will be enjoying some delicious turkey sandwiches this weekend.


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3 Responses to Thanksgiving Feast for One

  1. chapmanca says:

    This year for the 1st time I did a boneless turkey breast – it was okay, but I think the bones really make the difference. Next year – turkey breasts with the bones! Your miso marinade sounds delish, will have to try it with chicken.
    Our whole family – those with us and those that are gone – have been given such blessings!

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