ScaryCakes IV

This year I again picked up some Hostess ScaryCakes.

hostess snack cakes, scary cakes, halloweenThe box has been updated again, but the changes are not too visible unless you compare it to an earlier box.

Scarycakes, hostess cupcakes, halloween, snack cakesHere is a box from two years ago. See: ScaryCakes III

The full and half cakes are reversed and instead of Limited Edition it now says Bring Hostess Halloween Home.

Another item that is missing on the box is the bats. Perhaps this is because of Covid-19 since the virus most likely came from bats.

ScaryCakes, Hostess, Snack Cakes, HalloweenThe box from four years ago was very similar to the one from two years ago with only a few minor differences. See: ScaryCakes II

Hostes Scary Cakes, Cupcakes, Halloween Cupcakes, Snack CakesIf you go back to six  years ago there is a major difference in the ScaryCakes box. See: Scary Cakes

hoste scarycakes, snack cakes, halloweenThe cakes are still individually wrapped, but there was an interesting difference. The wrapper itself now has a Halloween theme.

hoste scarycakes, snack cakes, halloweenThe wrapper looks much better with the cake inside. The cakes look good. The frosting is uniform which is a big improvement on some earlier snack cakes.

How was the taste? Well, it is a chocolate cake which is not my favorite. However, it tasted like all of the chocolate CupCakes from Hostess 🙂

Are you ready for Halloween?


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