October Roses

Yesterday I took a few nice rose pictures. It is nice to still have roses in October.

water drop, rose leaf, flowersI will start with a water drop on a rose leaf. I always like taking pictures of water drops. This water drop both magnified what was below and reflected what was above.

rose bush, 8 feet tall, red rosesSome of the roses on my Mister Lincoln rose bush are more than eight feet in the air. Hopefully I will be able to clean up my rose bushes this weekend. The air quality is much better and the temperature is much cooler.

Pink rose, community rose gardenI made a quick trip to the library yesterday to pick up a stack of books that I had requested. So, I had to take a short walk around the Community Rose Garden and get some pictures. I really like this dark pink rose.

pink rose, orange bud, rose gardenHere is a nice pink rose and a orange colored rose bud. I assume that the orange color fades into the pink as the rose opens.

Tracy Community Rose Garden, rose paths, sculptureThe rose garden looked a bit ragged, but I think that with the restrictions this year care of the garden is not what it should be.


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