Friday Night Wandering Thoughts

Here are some wandering thoughts from a Friday night.

111 degrees, heat wave, california, hot weekendI am thinking about how the forecast high temperature for Sunday is 111 degrees, and that for the next 4 days it will be in the triple digits.

I just happened to have a picture of a temperature display of 111 degrees from Old Blue.

Gallus Gallus - Red Jungle Fowl - Taronga Zoo - Sydney, Australia - Crowing CockI am thinking about the Red Jungle Fowl which is the ancestor of the chicken. I have been reading a book about how the chicken spread across the world. More about this book in a future post.

Penguin Classics, Jane Austen, 200th anniversary of death, novelsI am thinking about Jane Austen as I am also reading a book about what matters in what she wrote. There will most likely be a post about this book in the near future.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianaopolis, Indianapolis 500, Brickyard, Gasoline Alley, Memorial Day WeekendI am thinking about race cars, but don’t ask me exactly how this subject wandered into my thoughts. It is a bit complicated, but involves both car racing and athletics as a Diamond League event is currently on TV.

It also has me thinking about family friends who live in Indianapolis.

Jayce Tingler, Auburn, Bakersfield, San Diego Padres, Baseball, General ManagerI am also thinking about Jayce Tingler,the new manager of the San Diego Padres. The Padres played the A’s tonight and I was watching the game. I have followed Tingler’s career since he was in High School, and am really happy that his first season as a Major League manager is going well. However, I was not really happy that the A’s lost tonight but when two teams you like play someone has to.

Now to get ready for the hot weekend.




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