Virtually in Dallas

This week I am virtually in Dallas teaching a course. I started out on Friday with some on-line lectures while the students were still at home. Monday was a travel day and now they are gathered together in a hotel conference room with an experienced engineer.

Now, the experienced engineer is helping me with the hands-on portion of the course as I observe from home through Microsoft Teams.

So, I have been thinking of my last visit to Dallas and also when I lived there long ago.

Walk to Lunch, Dallas, River Walk, Love Field, Embassy SuitesThe last time I was in Dallas was for a course in the same hotel where the training is being held this week. The hotel overlooks a river and has a beautiful walkway to nearby shops and restaurants.

Chick-fil-A, Love Field, Northwest Highway, Lunch, FoodI ate at a Chick-fil-A for the first time on the trip. Since it was right by the hotel I ate there several times.

Korean BBQ, Small Plates, Korean CuisineI remember going out to eat with my students at a Korean BBQ restaurant. No meals out with the students this time since we are physically distanced.

Great Uncle, Texas, Army Nurse, GenerationsOn that trip I also made a visit to see my Great Uncle Fred. It was to be the last time I saw him as he has since passed away.

Texas Longhorns, Texas, Fort Worth, Cattle DriveI also made a trip over to Fort Worth on the weekend to visit a friend who I traveled to Turkey with and also visited the Stockyards.

Apartment, Devry, Student Housing, TexasOn the way to the airport for the flight home I stopped by the first apartment that I lived in while going to college in the Dallas area.

Tom Thumb, Tom Thumb Page, Work, Cullum Corporation, Safeway, Irving TexasI also stopped by the grocery store where I worked when I started my career in the medical field by working in the pharmacy.

Lots of memories while teaching this class. It would be nice to be there in person.


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