A Long Ago Trip to Tokyo

Tonight I was looking through some old pictures and ran across a file of pictures from Tokyo. These were taken almost 20 years ago with my first digital camera that saved pictures on floppy disks. As you can imagine, the resolution of the pictures is not the best.

Not much commentary tonight as it has been a long tough weekend.

Rickshaw in TokyoThis rickshaw was being used in a festival.

Pagoda, tokyoI like the clouds behind this pagoda.

tokyo school childrenThis was just so cute. Made me think of Madeline.

summo statue, tokyo, parkI knew I had this picture somewhere. There was something significant to Sumo at this location. I need to do some research on this.

summo ring, tokyoIt was right near this outdoor sumo ring and perhaps this was the location of some historic match or event.

Now for a busy week of webinars, meetings and on-line lectures.


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1 Response to A Long Ago Trip to Tokyo

  1. When I get paid, I sometimes get an item I want. Several months ago, I bought a small white, pocket size writing diary with a pocket in the inside back cover. It has an elastic strap on the outside. I have saved it till my birthday month. Oops, slipped a secret. Well that’s part of my personal pride I try to keep quiet. Your Tokyo pictures I’m sure are scenic and important to you.

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