Mid Week Musings

Today was the middle of another week.

My schedule is a little different than usual as I go to both a Tuesday and Wednesday night Bible study via Zoom. Some weeks I also got to a class on Psalms on Thursday. I sometimes get to thinking that the week is half over on Tuesday, and that there are two more days till the weekend on Thursday.

Winco, Covid 19, essential trip, grocery store, shelter in placeTonight I again ventured out to WinCo for my bi-monthly food shopping. I am still getting used to not going to the grocery store every week.

cereal bowl, butter bowl, memories, ice creamTonight I had a bowl of cereal when I got back from the store. I needed to use the last of a gallon of milk so I had room for the two I bought.

While eating my bowl of cereal I thought of this picture. Growing up we had a stack of plastic bowls that we always used for cereal. We also used them for other things, like the ice cream we are having here. I took my favorite green bowl with me when I went off to college and I still use it today for cereal. It is what I used tonight.

Do you know what the original use of these bowls were?

Night Sky - Constellations - Orion - StarsAlso after leaving the store I headed north into the country to try and see if I could see the comet. Tonight was the first night it was supposed to be visible at night. I think I may have been a bit early to see it, and perhaps I was not looking in the right spot. I need to do a bit of research before trying again.

The picture above is not from tonight, but is just there for illustration. Do you know what constellation this is?

Frank Andrea Miller - Easier Taxes - Editorial Cartoon - Cartoonist - Frank Miller - Des Moines RegisterToday was also the day taxes were due. When the deadline was pushed back, I of course didn’t hurry to do mine. However, I did finish them during the 4th of July weekend break from work. Now to wait for my refund, with interest 🙂

Camelus dromedarius - Camel Hump - Dromedary - Arabian Camel - Samaria - Camels in Israel and Palestine - archaeological siteI hope everyone had a good hump day.


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