Food Thoughts

I watch a lot of shows on Food Network and also food oriented dramas on Netflix from several Asian countries. (idea for future post)

So, tonight I am thinking about food and here are some dishes my mind has wandered to tonight.

Fried Tofu, Japanese CuisineHow about some nice fried tofu from Japan.

Korean BBQ - Small Dishes - meal finished - Korean Food - Remains of the MealOr, all the little bowls of food in a good Korean meal.

Butter Chicken, Butter Naan, Curry, Indian Food, Delicious Food, Indian CuisineMaybe some good Butter Chicken from India.

bbq, grill, fish, seafood, Taipei, Taiwan, foodHow about some good BBQ from Taiwan.

Thuringer Rostbratchen, roter hirsch, old restaurantI always enjoy the Thuringer Rostbratchen at one of the oldest restaurants in the world in Jena, Germany.

feijoada, beans and rice, Brazilian Stew, comfort foodNow I am thinking about some good feijoada in Brazil. I may have to have some black beans and rice tomorrow.

Double-Double, In-N-Out, AOC Burger Challenge, FriesAnd, sometimes you just want a good burger.

I had planned on writing about two books that came in the mail today, but my TV quit working and I made a quick trip to pick up a new one. I now have to figure out how to use a smart TV. At least I got the cable and internet connected to it.

Now for a late night snack.


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