Summer Heat on the Way

Today was the first day of summer and the heat is on the way.

forecast, summer heat, 100 degree tempsI just looked at the forecast and it is going to be a very hot week.

Five straight days of 100 degree weather.

Perhaps not the best time to be working from home 🙂

Wall Art, Four Seasons, Street Art, MuralIt has felt a bit like summer already as we have had periods of very hot temperatures in the last couple of months.

However, what goes up must come down and the week after next will have cooler temperatures.

Mowing, Winter, Green Grass, California winter, Tall grassOne thing that will get a lot more use next week is the air conditioner. Seeing this picture reminds me that it is important to get the backyard mowed tomorrow before it gets too hot. The grass is not this tall now, this is spring grass after the winter rains. However, it still needs taking care of soon.

Ein Gedi, Waterfall, Wildlife preserve, Pools of Ein GediOne way I may use to keep cool is to take afternoon showers. They always help to cool me down.

It would be nicer if I just had a waterfall, like this one at Ein Gedi, in my backyard.

112 degrees, September 1, 5 PM, LivermoreWell, at least the temperatures will not be 112 and I won’t have to  commute in the heat.

I guess I should not complain about the cost of running the air conditioner to keep cool working at home as I am saving on the stress and cost of commuting in the heat 🙂

Plus, except for a few hours doing webinars each day, I can wear, or not wear, what I want to keep cool.


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