Virtually in Taiwan

Last night I was virtually in Taiwan as I presented a webinar for engineers there.

Since I was virtually in Taiwan I thought I would share just a few images that are wandering through my mind tonight.

Stinky Tofu, Shilin night market, Taiwain, TaepeiI am thinking of my visit to the night market and eating stinky tofu.

Shenkeng Tofu Street, Taipei, Taiwan, Food, Culinary TourismI am thinking of a visit to the Shenkeng Tofu Street where I had a wonderful meal.

Taipei 101 - Taiwan - 2nd Tallest Building - Twilight PictureI am thinking of the Taipei 101 tower rising above all the other buildings in the downtown area.

Taipei Hands Sculpture - Clasped hands - Large SculptureI am thinking of this really cool sculpture of hands that I saw while out walking near my hotel.

tea tins, high mountain tea, li shan, pear mountain, oolong teaI am also thinking about High Mountain Tea from Taiwan. When I visited Taiwan long ago I was not as interested in tea. A trip there now would be much different as I would be searching for good teas and would perhaps arrange a visit to a tea plantation.

The tea shown above was sent to me by one of the workers in our office there. She was also a participant in the webinar, so I made sure I was drinking some of the tea during the webinar. See: The Right Tea for the Webinar

A lot of memories after this webinar.


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