Sunday Rose Cleanup

This afternoon I cleaned up my roses. I noticed while mowing the lawn yesterday that I really needed to cut off all the spent blooms.

pink roses, floribunda, rose garden, cleaning up rosesMy pink rose bush had many spent blooms and really needed a cleanup.

dried out rose, parchment rose, st. patrick roseMy St. Patrick rose bush had many dried out roses. I actually really like seeing these and it is normally what will happen with this rose. I like to call them parchment roses. However, there were a lot of new buds coming on, so I made sure I cleaned up all the dried out roses.

dried out rose, parchment rose, st. patrick roseHere you can see a bucketful of the dried out roses from my rose bushes.

Mr. Lincoln rose, dead roses, cleaning up rosesHere you can see my Mister Lincoln bush full of spent roses. The beautiful red roses of this bush do not last long, but are very fragrant.

mister lincoln rose, red roses, yardworkHere the rose bush is a lot cleaner and you can see that I have quite a few buds opening up.

It is always nice to see cleaned up rose bushes, but it takes a bit of work and I usually end up with a few scratches even if I wear rose gloves.

I am hoping for a little bit better weather this week. The roses did not like the 100+ degree weather or the very windy days that followed. This week it will be hot, but only up to the 90’s.

Now for another busy week of work and some more virtual travel as I train the world.



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  1. Pastor Cathy says:

    Sunday Rose Cleanup

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