Thinking of Graduations

Last week I saw the Valedictorian of the High School that I went to long ago giving a speech. She was standing behind a podium that looked very familiar.

Ashland Kansas, Mr. Moody, Graduation, MemoriesSo, I looked back through some pictures of my own graduation. Can you see the distinctive wood AHS on the front of the podium? If it is not the same podium, then it is a more modern copy.

Mr. Moody, our principal, was addressing us here at our graduation.

High School Graduation, cap and gown, Ashland, KansasI looked a little bit different back then. Looking at this picture I see the tassel, and it is something I see often as it is hanging on my bedroom mirror. This picture was just modeling the cap and gown after I brought them home from the school.

graduation party, cap and gown, church buildingHere is another picture from the actual graduation day. We had a party at the church building after the ceremony. Here you can see that I have on a shirt and tie.

Graduation, DeVry, Cap and Gown, TasselJust a little over three years later I graduated again with a BSEET from DeVry. I looked quite a bit different after just those three years. Of course, not wearing glasses gives a different look. I only wore contacts for about two years, and then it was back to glasses for better eye protection.

Oh, the tassel is hanging in my home office.

Masters, graduation, Education, Training, PhoenixFast forward a couple decades and here I was graduating with a Masters in Education.

This tassel is also hanging in my home office.

This evening I took at look at my diplomas which are all tucked away in my library.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of my High School graduation so I have been wandering down memory lane.


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