The Shelter in Place Beard

Just after starting my shelter in place I started to trim my facial hair a little different.

Part of the change was because I had read about facial hair and wearing of masks, but I also chose the look because of family tradition.

scout nekerchief, mask, face covered, ready for walkI took this picture about a month ago, so both the beard and hair are a little longer now. However, you can see that I shaved my mustache off.

Amish Beard - Amish - Beard without mustache - Amish HeritageMany of you know that I am 1/4 Amish, so that is partly where the family tradition is for having a beard like this. However, it is a also tradition in other branches of my family.

Grandpa, Gary and I - Full White Beard - Old TruckHere you see my Grandpa Braman with the same type of beard. It is much longer than mine is šŸ™‚ Oh, it is me on the left side of the picture and my little brother in the middle.

William Absolom Leeper, Ancestors, Beard, 3rd Great GrandfatherHere is my 3rd great grandfather William Leeper with a beard and no mustache.

Absalom Leeper, Mount Pleasant Iowa, Preacher, Christian Church, Pioneer Preacher, Mad as a Hatter - Hat Maker - Trenton, Iowa, Scotch-Irish, IrishHis father was Absalom Leeper, my 4th great grandfather. I really like his beard in this picture. This picture was taken of him when he was in his 90’s. He was one of the first Restoration Movement preachers in Iowa.

3rd Great Grandfather, David Darling, Ancestry, Geneaology, Family HistoryHere is another 3rd great grandfather. David Darling was another early settler in Iowa.

I am not sure what the beard will look like once I emerge from sheltering in place. Perhaps I will keep the new look.


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