A Subdued Cinco de Mayo

The celebration of Cinco de Mayo is a bit subdued this year.

It has been interesting to see the memes on Facebook about how Cinco de Mayo is finally on Taco Tuesday and that a virus with the name of a beverage commonly consumed on the day has ruined it.

When Cinco de Mayo comes around every year, I think about what it is really commemorating.

Cinco de Mayo - Battle of Puebla - Mexico vs. France - May 5, 1862 Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Battle of Puebla?

The battle took place on May 5, 1862 and is also called the Battle of Cinco de Mayo.

The Battle of Puebla was between Mexico and an invading French army. The Mexican Army overcame great odds to win the battle and send the French packing.

This battle may have had a big affect on the War Between the States as it has been speculated that if France had won this battle they would have then moved north to join with the Confederate Army.

A year later President Juárez declared a national holiday to remember the Battle of Cinco de Mayo. Today Cinco de Mayo is only a regional holiday in Mexico and is not a national holiday. It is more widely celebrated in the US than it is in Mexico.

After being defeated at the Battle of Puebla the French army had to regroup and they eventually resumed their march toward Mexico City which was soon defeated. Emperor Maximilian then ruled Mexico for about three years before the Mexican Republic was re-established.

cinco de mayo, nacho cheese, mexican foodI decided to at least celebrate in a small way by having some nacho cheese.

I heated up some Juanita’s Mexican Gourmet Queso para Nachos that I had in my pantry.

cinco de mayo, nacho cheese, mexican foodIt was easy enough to just add some salsa and heat it up in the microwave.

cinco de mayo, nacho cheese, mexican foodThen scoop the queso up with some totopos de Maiz. I did not eat it all, I saved some for a later day when I need a snack.

Chicken Soup - Shredded Chicken - Polla Sopa - CoyoacanIt would have been nice to have some good Mexican chicken soup.

Carne Adobada - Anita's Taqueria - Livermore, California - Seasoned Pork - Mexican FoodOr some nice carne adobada from Anita’s Taqueria in Livermore.

Ernie's Taqueria - Patterson, California - Mexican Restaurant - Carnitas - Guacamole - Rice - BeansOr, some carnitas from Ernie’s Taqueria in Patterson.

Now I am hungry for Mexican food.


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