Daily Yard Check

While sheltering in place I have been making daily yard checks. I always check to see what is growing, blooming or moving and see if there are any pictures that I need to take.

Here are some of the pictures from today.

st. patrick rose, spent rose, life of roseDo you know what this is? You will most likely see this picture again in an upcoming post.

ladybug, orange ladybug, roses, Harmonia axyridisOn one of my rose bushes I found an orange ladybug (Harmonia axyridis). It is also known as the Asian Lady Beetle or Harlequin Ladybug. It is a beneficial bug and eats aphids just like a red ladybug.

spider web, blossoms, backyard, fenceThe spiders have been busy in my backyard and the webs have been catching blossoms.

spider web, roof line, shingle, backyardThere is also a nice web in a corner of the roof. This one is catching the afternoon sun.

back yard, rose bush, tree, spring timeFinally, just a picture of my back yard. You can see blooms on the rose bush in the corner and also tell that the grass needs to be cut soon.

It had a nice break out in the back yard. I got a little bit of sun while finishing a book.



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  1. Pastor Cathy says:

    Daily Yard Check


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