Some Favorite Reflections

I have been busy this evening and have not thought about a blog post, but while looking for inspiration I saw a reflection picture that I like. This led me to thinking about some of my favorite reflections pictures.

Old St. Raymond's ChurchHere is a reflection of the Old Saint Raymond’s church building in Dublin, California. I really like this reflection with the large eucalyptus tree in the foreground.

Palmer ArchipelagoThis reflection is from my Antarctic cruise.  The Palmer Archipelago is reflected in the windows of the cruise ship.

Bridge, Reflection, High Park, Toronto Canada, WaterfallI really like the reflection of the bridge in this picture from High Park in Toronto. This is a small Japanese garden area at the park.

Tatsumi-yagura, Edo Castle, Tokyo, Keep, Reflections, MoatWhich makes me think of this reflection in the moat of Edo Castle in Tokyo.

Sunset Reflection, Central Valley, Red Sky, SunsetSince the end of the post is drawing near I will end with a California sunset reflected in a large puddle of rain water.

I hope you enjoyed these reflections.


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  1. Pastor Cathy says:

    Some Favorite Reflections

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