Landscapes from Seven Continents – Captioned

Two days ago I wrote this post and at the request of several I am going to add captions or descriptions for the pictures.

On Facebook today I have been seeing a lot of landscape pictures with the following:

Join the boredom challenge of posting a picture of some landscape from a place where you’ve been, where the main requirement is that you NOT appear in it. Just a picture, no description.

The goal is to flood profiles with landscape photos to give a twist on the situation we’re going through

Copy the text to your status, post a photo and let’s travel virtually around the world.

So, I decided to share some landscape pictures that I have taken and take you on a virtual trip around the world.

There are landscapes from all seven continents in this post.

Central Valley Hills, California, Green hills, winter colorCalifornia Central Valley – tree lined drive.

South Africa, Johannesburg, Country, VeldSouth Africa near Johannesburg and the Cradle of the World.

Yorke Bay - Falkland Islands - Malvinas - Gypsy Cove - Penguins - Magellanic PenguinsPenguins on the beach in the Falkland Islands.

Paradise Bay Antarctica - Ice and Snow in Antarctica - Antarctica rock reflectionParadise Bay Antarctica.

historic stone bridge, jena germany, burgau bridgeThe Burgauer Brücke in Jena, Germany.

Roman Road - Tarsus Roman Road - Steps of Paul - Cilician RoadA Roman Road near Tarsus, Turkey.

Badaling, Great Wall of China, Ming Dynasty Wall, Reconstructed WallThe Great Wall of China at Badaling.

Ushuaia Argentina - Reflections

Ushuaia, Argentina – Reflections – On the way home from Antarctica.

Blue Mountains - Australia - Rock Formation - Katoomba - GeologyThe Blue Mountains in Australia.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip around the world.



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  2. Adriana says:

    Thanks for thhe post

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