Bee Time

In the last couple of weeks I have started to see bee hives placed along the edges of the almond orchards.bee hives, almond orchards, california, central valleyThis picture is a from a little bit later in the year, but the blooms are not far off.

White Flowers, Bees, Pollinators, Honey Bees, Australia, Royal Botanic GardensBees are a vital worker in agriculture. Without bees we would not have a lot of our crops.

Honey bee, Pollen, Nectar, Orange BlossomsMany of our fruits and nuts are pollinated by honey bees.

Bee - Purple Flower - First Day of Spring - California - Tracy, CaliforniaBees also pollinate the beautiful flowers around us.

Honey bee, roses, spring, pollinationI don’t often see honey bees in my rose garden, but saw one while getting ready to prune my roses at the end of last month. I felt a bit bad cutting back a potential food source for the bees, but then I looked at all the dandelions in the yard next door and realized they had a large feast prepared for them.

Honey Bee - Peach Blossom - Spring Blossoms - Orchard - BeesI will be keeping watch as I always like to try and get good bee pictures.


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