231 Years Ago

Do you know what happened 231 years ago on February 4, 1789?

President Washington, Washington's Birthday, President's Day - Marx Presidential FigureThe first Presidential election was held and George Washington was unanimously selected by the electors.

North Carolina and Rhode Island did not have any electors voting as they had not yet ratified the Constitution. New York also did not have electors as they were not appointed in time.

The electors each voted for two individuals, and the person with the  highest number of votes was named President and the second highest as Vice President.

George Washington, Washington's Birthday, Presidents' Day, HolidayHere are the results of the first Presidential election:

  • George Washington – 69
  • John Adams – 34
  • John Jay – 9
  • R. H. Harrison – 6
  • John Rutledge – 6
  • John Hancock – 4
  • George Clinton – 3
  • Samuel Huntington – 2
  • John Milton – 2
  • James Armstrong – 1
  • Benjamin Lincoln – 1
  • Edward Telfair – 1

You will probably recognize most of the names of those who received votes, but some of them are not as well known.

Washington's Innauguration, New York, Washington's BirthdayPresident Washington’s inauguration was then held on April 30, 1789 in New York City.

Washington was also unanimously selected for a second term four years later.

Elections are not quite as simple today.





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