Barnyard Fowl

Tonight I ran across some barnyard pictures from the late 1940’s while looking through some folders of family pictures.

Iowa Barnyard, 1940's, Turkey, FowlSince it is Thanksgiving week, I thought I would start with a turkey. This turkey is much too young for a Thanksgiving dinner, but it is probably early in the year when this picture was taken.

chickens, barnyard, fowl, Iowa farmNow for some chickens. I really like this picture. The chicken in front is in focus, but can you see the flock of chickens behind it?

Girl holding chicken, barnyard, fowl, Iowa farmHere is a little girl showing the proper way to hold a chicken.

duck in a pan, ducklings, barnyard fowl, Iowa farmHere are some ducklings. I didn’t notice at first, but one of the ducklings is swimming in the water pan.

Iowa farm, duck, fowl plow fieldThis duck looks like it is straying away from the barnyard. Perhaps it is getting ready to hunt for food in the recently plowed field. Just think of all the bugs that it would find.

I was thinking about including some pictures of hogs in the post, but then I hit upon this fowl theme.

Are you ready for some turkey?


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