Feeling like Fall

Today was a day when it just all of a sudden started feeling like fall.

Altamont, Backset, sunset, storm clouds, California, green hillsPart of it was that we had a cloudy day today and the temperatures had dropped from earlier in the week. We are finally having those cooler days.

Colorful sky, Opposite sunset, backset, Altamont, stormy skyDriving home in the dark also contributes to the feeling, but this has been happening for a few weeks now since the time change.

Leaves on Sidewalk - Colorful Tree - Fall Color - Dublin, California - November Fall Foliage - Red LeavesBut, what is really making it feel like fall is that the trees near our office are starting to change color. I had not really been noticing this, but did see them out the window earlier today and it just hit me that it is fall.

Tall Grass, electric mower, rain delayI have also been seeing a lot more leaves on the driveway and sidewalk as they fall off the tree in my front yard. It was very noticeable when I went out for my newspaper this morning.

Yellow Trees, Yellow Leaves, Orange Leaves, Red Leaves, Fall Color, CaliforniaI will have to go for a walk near the office tomorrow and see just how colorful the trees are. It has been a busy week and I have been leaving the office well after dark so have not really noticed.



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2 Responses to Feeling like Fall

  1. Our cousin wrote a collection of poems and stories. One of them included the title “A walk in the fall”. His family lived on the edge of a very small town northwest of where I grew up. We always shared reunions, weekends, and evenings with meals and just great times.

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