Roosting and Roasting

It is November and I am thinking of Turkeys.

I have recently seen some roosting turkeys and we will soon be seeing roasting turkeys.

So, here are some pictures of both types.

wild turkeys, roosting turkeys, thanksgiving, rafter of turkeysHere is a roosting turkey.

Wild Turkey - Thanksgiving - Dublin, California - Turkey on CarSometimes the turkeys near our office like to roost on top of your car.

Thanksgiving Turkey - Thanksgiving Feast - Canadian ThanksgivingI like the smell of a roasting turkey, and sometimes they are also very colorful.

Turkey Time - Thanksgiving Feast - Thanksgiving - Burnt Basting - Good EatsA nice roasted turkey can also be very delicious.

Wild Turkeys, Turkeys in the Fog, Parking Lot, Fog, Flock of Turkeys, Rafter of TurkeysOK, I found another picture with some roosting turkeys.

Roosting or roasting, it is turkey month.


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