Strawberry Scraps

What do you with the strawberry scraps when you clean them?

strawberries, wish farms, california strawberriesOn Sunday I picked up some strawberries for our lunch. We needed them as a topping for a dessert.

strawberries, scraps, chicken feed, treat for chickensMy friend Lily cleaned the strawberries and of course there were some scraps to dispose of.

My friend David and I took them outside and threw them on the ground.

chicken, roosting, farm animals, barnyardOK, we didn’t just throw them anywhere. We took them out to the chicken coop.

chicken yard, chicken coop, chickens, strawberriesThe chickens were soon out in the chicken run eating the strawberry scraps.

strawberry scraps, chickens, chicken runChickens always like some fresh scraps to supplement the chicken feed. What a nice treat for them.

We got the nice juicy strawberries to put on top of cheese cake.

I think we got the better deal.



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