Piano Memories

I ran across some pictures while looking for something else, and my mind wandered so I am having some piano memories tonight.

piano memories, Ottumwa, Iowa, piano recital, memoriesMy earliest memories go back to this old upright piano. This was the piano that we grew up learning to play on. The piano had belonged to my great-grandmother.

Child playing piano - old upright pianoI started banging away on the piano at an early age, but it was not for a few more years before I started taking lessons from Margaret Hunt. I remember how sometimes my sister and I would ride the city bus all the way across Ottumwa to our lessons at the former Harper Mansion.

Piano Recital, MSE, Baby Grand PianoHere is my sister getting ready to play at a piano recital on the baby grand piano at the MSE administration building which the old mansion had become.

Piano Recitals, Dressed up, Flowers, Sister, Margaret HuntI remember getting all dressed up for our piano recitals.

Piano memories, siblings playing, pianoLater we had a smaller console piano. We would often sit down and play. Sometimes with our siblings. Here is my eldest sister with my youngest brother.

This piano is now at my youngest brother’s house and my niece is learning to play.

My Mom also taught piano lessons after school so the sound of piano music was a constant in our home.

White dress, piano, piano memories, piano recitalHere my sister is playing at a recital. She played much better than the rest of us.

I quit taking lessons after me moved to Kansas when I was 11. Instead I took up the trombone. I sometimes wish that I had continued taking piano lessons. I do have piano at home now and will occasionally sit down and play.

Lots of piano memories tonight.


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2 Responses to Piano Memories

  1. Nancy Ellis says:

    i really enjoyed these memories Steve.

  2. my parents started me in piano age 5 when my family discovered I was trying to make music with pie pan as they play guitar and bluegrass music. lessons continued thru high school and college when i started paying for them myself. we too had an upright. what a history.

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