Quake Memories

Today is the 30th anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake.

bay area, loma prieta earthquake, anniversary, 30 year anniversaryI have some memories of when this happened as I was getting ready to watch the third game of the World Series. At the time I was living in Nebraska.

Four years later I started to work for a company headquartered in the Bay Area and heard some interesting stories from co-workers about their memories from that day.

One of them would have normally been on the double deck highway that collapsed, but had forgotten something and had to go back into to the office to get it. This delayed him enough that he was not quite to the collapse.

earthquakes, Loma Prieta earthquakeThe Loma Prieta earthquake at 6.9 was felt all over the Bay Area, and well out into the Central Valley.

Since the Loma Prieta earthquake there has been only two 5.0 or greater earthquakes in the Bay Area. Back in 2000 there was a 5.0 in Yountville and in 2014 a 6.0 in South Napa.

In 2000 I had not yet moved to the Bay Area and I was in Canada when the 2014 quake hit. See: Breakfast Shake News

Pleasant Hill quake, California, earthquakeWhile I was in Iowa early this week there was a 4.5 quake in Pleasant Hill. This was definitely a reminder that big quakes are possible in the Bay Area.

Pleasant Hill quake, California, earthquakeI have talked to several of my colleagues this week and they said it was the biggest they had felt in years.

Pleasant Hill quake, California, earthquakeI of course had to do a bit of research to know more about where the quake was and what fault line it was on.

There is actually a lot of research going on to determine exactly which fault line to assign the quake to and figure out how it will effect other faults in the area. It may be on the North Diablo fault which is not shown in the map above, or perhaps on a fault that is not yet known.

Back in July there was a 4.3 quake not far from our office. I definitely felt that one as I was sitting down while teaching a class. See: A Little Shake

It is actually a bit scary that we have not had more medium sized quakes. They help relieve tension on the faults and reduce the chance of larger quakes.

Do you remember the Loma Prieta quake? I know that many do because it happened during the World Series.


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