Desserts in the Dining Room

Here at the Kingbridge Centre they have a lot of nice desserts in the dining room. I have really enjoyed the desserts along with the other good food. See: The Food is Good

Tonight will mainly just be a picture post as it is late and I need some sleep.

Kingbridge Centre, dessert, food, delicious

There have been some nice cakes on the dessert bar.

Kingbridge Centre, dessert, food, deliciousThey also have different types of creme brulee.

Kingbridge Centre, dessert, food, delicious

I really enjoyed this strawberry rhubarb torte. Of course strawberry rhubarb is one of my favorite flavor combinations.

Kingbridge Centre, dessert, food, deliciousThis was a delicious lemon torte that was just a bit tart.

Kingbridge Centre, dessert, food, deliciousTonight I had a piece of chocolate cheesecake. It was also delicious.

I really need some exercise over the next couple weeks to work some of these desserts off 🙂


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