The Food is Good

Here in Toronto I am staying at the Kingbridge Centre. All of our meals each day are in the dining room, and the food is good.

cheese buffet, kingbridge centre, toronto, king city, canada, cheese boardThe dining room has a nice salad bar for lunch and dinner. For dinner each night there is also a really nice cheese board. I really like different kinds of cheese so this is something that I really enjoy.

kingbridge centre, lunch, buffet, good food, Canada

The lunch is a buffet for the hot food, and each day the cuisine has a theme. It may be a country, but today the theme was ‘locally sourced.’ The plate above was from the ‘Canada’ theme.

kingbridge centre, lunch, buffet, good food, CanadaThis was my plate from a lunch last week when the theme was Spain/Portugal.

kingbridge centre, steak dinner, dining room, steak and vegetables

For dinner we have a menu with a choice of about 8-10 items for the main dish. The dishes are well put together like this steak and vegetable plate.

Of course, we start with the salad bar and cheese board.

new york cheesecake, desserts, kingbridge centre, dessert barAfter the main dish there is a great selection of desserts. Here is a really delicious New York cheesecake.  However, it is really tempting to have one of each of the desserts as they all look so nice on the dessert buffet. I must practice self control……..

I will have to go for some long walks this week and also when I get back home.


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