National Honey Bee Day

The third Saturday in August is National Honey Bee Day.

The observance is to bring awareness to the importance that the honey bee has in our food chain.

Honey Bee - Fruit Tree - Blossoms - Orange Tree - Bees and BlossomsThe day is also to honor the work of bee keepers who ensure that we have healthy bees to help pollinate crops and of course make honey.

Bees, sprinkler, water, hydration, Honey BeesOne of the things that people do not often think about is that water is also important to bees. If you want to have bees pollinating your flowers, you need to have water available.

Here honey bees are taking advantage of a slowly leaking water pipe.

Orchard Sunset - Almond Orchard - Bee Hives - Sunset Orchard - White BlossomsBees are of course very important in California with the acres of orchards and fields that need them for pollination.

Flowing with Honey - Bee Hives in Israel - Bethsaida - GeshurI took this picture of bee hives at Geshur in Israel. Remember, it was know as the land that was Flowing with Honey.

Honey Comb, Flowing with Milk and Honey, Tiberias, BreakfastI have been to quite a few hotels in Europe where they will have honeycomb available at the breakfast buffets. Not something you will see too often here in the US. You will be lucky if you even have honey available for breakfast.

Honey bee, pollen, orange blossomHere is one more picture of a honey bee to close the post.

Remember as you are eating fruits, vegetables and nuts that there is a good chance that they are pollinated by bees. Not all plants require pollination by bees, but the majority do.



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