A Cloudy Day

Last Saturday was a nice cloudy day and I took a few nice pictures of the cloudy sky.

Since I am pre-packing and doing other things to get ready for a trip, I thought I would just share some of the cloudy day pictures.

Cloudy sky, Westley, California, Water tankI have always wanted to get a good picture of the water tank in Westley, and last Saturday I pulled over and took this picture of the tank in front of the cloudy sky.

cloudy day, highway, clouds aheadHere you can see that it was a cloudy and windy day. The sky looked ominous and like it would rain, but none was in the forecast.

tracy california, sculpture, harvest of progressThe sky was very cloudy in the background of the Harvest of Progress sculpture in downtown Tracy.

tracy transit center, cloudy skyI also liked this picture of the Tracy Transit Center and the flag blowing in the wind.

Harvest of progress, tracy transit center, roundaboutI also decided to get a wider view of the sky and here you can see the roundabout which contains the Harvest of Progress sculpture. Also, the Tracy Transit Center at the left.

The sky in the background is beautiful with the clouds blowing across the sky.

I hope you enjoyed this view of a cloudy day.


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