Grandma and Her Twin

Tonight I am thinking about my Grandma and her twin brother.

Twins, Cat, Old Twins Picture, Memories, animalsThey were born 96 years ago today.Twins, Brother and Sister, Fraternal Twins, Teenage Twins, Old CarI have wonderful memories of both my Grandma and my Great Uncle Perry.Grandma and Great-Uncle - Twins - Family - MemoriesThere is a special bond between twins.

Grandma and her twin, Twins, Siblings, Birthday, Remembrance Just looking at these pictures are bringing back many memories.

Siblings, Memories, UnclesI am adding one more picture where they are with little brother Fred. I am thinking of him also tonight as he passed away earlier this year. See: Remembering my Great Uncle Fred

Tonight has been a night of memories.

One that just wandered into my thoughts, is that football season is about to begin. My Great Uncle Perry was a big Nebraska Huskers fan and I always think of him when I see them play on TV.



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1 Response to Grandma and Her Twin

  1. We have at least 3 sets of twins on my paternal side of the family .. aunts, uncles, cousins.

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