A Friday Walk at Work II

This Friday I took another afternoon walk at work.

Dublin, California, Zeiss, Construction, Zeiss Innovation CenterI decided to take some pictures that were similar to ones that I posted from my walk last Friday. See: A Friday Walk at Work

This one is a bit closer than the one last week, but you can really tell that progress is being made on the new building.

Dublin, California, Zeiss, Construction, Zeiss Innovation CenterHere is the Big Red Crane again along with the signboard for the construction. You can definitely see that a lot more steel is in place this week.

Dublin, California, Zeiss, Construction, Zeiss Innovation CenterLast week the structure was only to where the steps are in this picture, so you can see the progress that has been made. You can also see that more of the decking has been placed.

Friday Walk, Nature, flowers, thistleLast week I shared a couple nature pictures. One of them was a patch of thistle, so again here is a thistle from today.

Ladybug, plaid shirt, nature, bugsI did not capture a bee pollinating the thistle this week, but did have a ladybug land on my arm while I was taking pictures. This is a very young one that is just starting to develop the characteristic spots.

Ladybugs have been in the news in California this week as a huge swarm of them were picked up on radar near Los Angeles. So, it was interesting that one just happened to land on me today. Of course, my rose garden also has a resident population to help keep down the aphids.

Now for a relaxing weekend.


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