Is Spring Over?

Is spring over? I have seen a lot of commercials tonight that are talking about starting off your summer with something new.

spring, summer, bbqI do know that Memorial Day weekend is sometimes referred to as the unofficial start of summer, and that is exactly what it is. We do still have almost a month of spring left, and I am not ready for it to be summer yet.

bbq, spring, summer, lunch, hot dogs, meatWe did have a nice spring day today for a BBQ at work. However, the forecast for the weekend is for some more stormy weather.

bbq, spirng, summer, seasons, work bbq, smokeI do have some plans to start off my summer. On the last day of spring I will board a plane for Israel and spend the first two weeks of my summer at an archaeological dig.

grilled meats, spring bbq, Memorial Day weekendIn the meantime, I want to enjoy spring. What most people think of as summer weather does usually come early to California, but I would be OK if the heat holds off for awhile.

With this crazy year of weather it might just do that.

hot dog, rice, chicken, cornbreadIt was nice to have a delicious BBQ meal before the three day weekend and the unofficial start of summer.

How can it be summer if hockey and basketball playoffs are still in progress?

Summer belongs to baseball!


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