In the BAR XIV

I have not written a post in my In the BAR series for several years, but tonight that is where my mind has wandered.

The latest issue of Biblical Archaeology Review has an article about the mosaics at the Huqoq synagogue near the Sea of Galilee.

Migdal, Magdala, Synagogue, Archaeology, Magdala Stone, Migdal StoneThis article had my mind wandering to the Migdal synagogue at Magdala which is not far away from Huqoq and on the coast of the Sea of Galilee.

See my post Magdala for more about this site.

In the picture above you can see that there were mosaics in the synagogue there. There were also other mosaics found in surrounding buildings at Magdala.

Roman Villa, Mosaic, Givati Parking Lot DigIn my post The Greek Fortress I included a picture that I took of a mosaic in the remains of a Roman Villa that was unearthed in the Givati Parking Lot Dig in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Mosaic Map - Madaba, Jordan - Mosaic Floor - Copy of Mosaic Map - 6th Century Jerusalem - BARI also thought of this replica of part of the large mosaic found at Madaba. This replica is in Jerusalem. I used this picture when I wrote In the Bar II, which was of course the second post in this series.

Caesarea Maritima, Mosaic Floor, Apostle Paul, Captivity, Felix and DrusillaThis mosaic is at Caesarea Maritima and I used it in my post Felix and Drusilla. This was in the complex where Paul was kept prisoner, so there is a chance that he could have walked on this mosaic.

Arkeoloji Muzesi - Erose and Psyche - Mosaic - Saamandag - AntakyaHere is one of the mosaics that I saw at a museum in Antioch. Unfortunately, the museum was in the process of being moved to a new building and we only got to see a part of the large collection of mosaics. See my post Mosaics for more about this museum.

The article in BAR about the mosaics is really good. There is also a good article about the Assyrians and one about dogs in this issue.



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