Japanese KitKat

While at the airport in Japan I picked up a few items at the shops to bring home with me.

One of the things that caught my eye were some different flavors of KitKat.

kitkat, flavors, Japan, Japanese, snacksI picked up boxes of Uji Matcha, Peach and Strawberry.

Kitkat, Peach KitKat, Japan, Wrapped KitKatEach box had three individually wrapped small KitKat bars. Here is one of the peach KitKat bars.

Peach KitKat, Japan, snack, candy bars, flavorsI had expected the Peach KitKat bars to be pink or yellow, but they were shades of white. They did have a fairly intense peach taste, and I really enjoyed them.

Kitkat flavors, Japan, Kitkat bar, strawberryThe Strawberry KitKat bars were pink, and had a wonderful strawberry flavor.

Green tea, Uji Matcha Kitkat, snacks, candy barThe Uji Matcha KitKat bars were green which was expected at matcha is made from green tea.

I also enjoyed the taste of these, although I much prefer other types of tea. However, matcha is very Japanese.

There were a few other flavors of the KitKat bars, but these were the ones that caught my eye and the ones I wanted to try.

There have been 100’s of KitKat flavors sold through the years in Japan. The ones shown here in this post are fairly tame. I would someday like to try a Wasabi, Baked Potato or Miso Soup KitKat.

Next time I go to Japan, I may have to go KitKat hunting 🙂



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