Preflight Snack

After a long drive to the airport, that was slowed by a rainy morning, I am now having a snack while waiting for boarding time.

Fruit, snack, United club, airport

It is good that I left early this morning as the estimated arrival time slipped almost a half hour during the drive.

Getting through security was a little easier than my last flight, but I am a bit tired of the changing interpretation of rules.

Perhaps it is a training issue, as it seems that the people who question what is in my bag are usually new.

My gripe this morning is minor, but the attitude of the TSA agent was a bit upsetting to me. For years I have left my camera in my backpack or carry on bag and have never taken it out. Today, it was larger than a cell phone and I was rudely lectured for not following the rules.

My backup camera, which is the same size, was in my backpack and was not commented on. I guess it all depends on how you measure. The camera is thicker than a cell phone, but length and width is less.

OK, rant over. Now time to relax before getting settled in for a totally packed eleven hour flight. At least I am in Economy Plus so have some good leg room and it is on a 787 so the air in the cabin is fresher.


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