Tweaking the Packing Formula

Depending on the length of a trip and the nature of work I have to do I often have the make tweaks to The Packing Formula.

Empty Suitcase, Packing, packing formula, Trip, TravelOf course, I start with an empty suitcase.

For this trip I will only have five nights on the road, but they will be in four different hotels. This means that I will definitely be living out of the suitcase.

Washer, Laundry, Trip Prep, DryerThis evening I started by doing a couple loads of laundry as some of the items I need to take on the trip were worn earlier this week.

I will also be visiting some customers on the trip so what I wear is a little different than what I wear in the classroom.

So, clothes went into the laundry when I got home from work and I headed off for the next errand.

Tracy Library, Flower Gardens, Rose Gardens, NatureI had to make a trip to the library to return a few books that were due. Usually I will just renew them, but they had been requested by someone else.

Cherry Blossoms - Tokyo Cherry Blossoms - Old Cherry Trees - Cherry Blossom TimeI will also be visiting several cities. I will start out in Tokyo, but then head down to Osaka.

To-Ji - Kyoto, Japan - Five story Wooden PagodoFrom Osaka I will head to Kyoto and spend one night before heading back to Osaka for the final evening.

I will mostly be traveling by train, so it is important that the suitcase is not too heavy. Some rarely used items like workout clothes will be left behind on this trip. Just the essentials.

Now if the dryer will finish so I can make the final selections and finish packing.



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