Happy Birthday Einstein

It is easy for me to remember the birthday of Albert Einstein as it is Pi Day.

So, just some wandering thoughts about Einstein.

Einstein, Frankfurt Airport, Selfie, Einstein statueAt the Frankfurt Airport they have an Albert Einstein figure sitting on a bench near the Lufthansa club. I usually try and get a picture with him.

Albert Einstein, Frankfurt Airport, SculptureIt is rare that you see him sitting alone like this.

Meg Ryan, Albert Einstein, Tim Robbins, Walter Matthau, Pi DayOne of my favorite movies has Albert Einstein in it. Of course, I also like IQ because Meg Ryan is in the movie.

Mercer Oak, Princeton Battlefield Park, IQ, Albert EinsteinRemember the scene in the movie with the big oak tree? I took a picture of the oak tree a few years after the movie was filmed. However, I took the picture in winter time so it looks much different. I shared a little more about the oak tree in Happy Pi Day II.

Einstein House, Princeton, New Jersey, Pi Day, March 14, Einstein's BirthdayMy colleague, Walt, also drove me by the house where Einstein lived near Princeton.

I am having some good memories of some of the books I have read about Einstein. I may need to read some of them again as you can learn a lot from his life.

Happy Pi Day!



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3 Responses to Happy Birthday Einstein

  1. Paul S says:

    Happy Pi Day to you.I might dig out my DVD of French Kiss to mark the occasion.

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