Best Bee Pictures

Tonight I though that I would share some of my best bee pictures. It is the time of year again when bees start buzzing around pollinating many different plants and trees.

Bee on leaf of Lemon Tree - Lemon - Honey Bee - Bees - Pollination - NectarHere is a bee on a lemon leaf. I like the focus on this picture. Also you can clearly see one of the wings and the patterns.

Bee on Thistle - Pollen covered bee - thistle - beeI took this picture of a bee on a thistle in Turkey. We were just near the border with Syria. It was an interesting day.

Flying Bee, Karaman Museum, Karaman Turkey, Flora and FaunaHere is another bee picture that I took in Turkey at the Karaman museum.

Bees, sprinkler, water, hydration, Honey BeesThese bees were searching for water at an irrigation pipe.

Valley Carpenter Bee, Rose Bushes, Pollinators, Xylocopa varipunctaI like this Valley Carpenter bee. It is not in the best focus, but it was moving fast.

I don’t see these bees very often, but when I do they are fun to watch.

I hope you enjoyed these bee pictures.


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