Ready for Pile Driving

This week they got a lot of work done at the construction site near our office.

Construction, Dublin, CaliforniaIt was interesting to watch the fence around the site. They put up a fence with green panels all around the site and it was battered by the wind from the storms that came through the region. They had to cut air holes in all the panels and eventually removed them entirely.

Parking lot,  ConstructionOn the north end of the construction site they are working on the parking lot and making a lot of progress.

Construction, parking lot, storm drainsI like this picture across the parking area. It will be interesting to see how soon the parking lot surface will be put in.

Another thing about this picture is just on the right edge. They now have more than one portable toilet on site as there were a lot more people working at the site last week.

Building Pad, Pile DrivingThey completed the ground prep and grading this week on the building pad. They put in different layers of dirt and worked in tons of lime to stabilize the foundation.

Next up should be pile driving as you need a good foundation.

Retention Pond, Dublin, CaliforniaHere you can see that we had recent rains, but it has mostly dried up except in the retention pond. It may rain a few days next week, but hopefully not enough to slow down construction too much.

It will be exciting to see the start of pile driving.


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