Pig Eyes

This post includes pictures of pig eyes being operated on, so be warned.

Pig eyes, surgery practice, wet labs, corneasToday at work we had a customer visiting who was interested in a laser that performs refractive surgery, so it was time for a wet lab with pig eyes.

Here you see some pig eyes that will be used for surgery.

Pig eyes, holderHere is a pig eye in a holder. It is all ready for the demonstration.

Laser, Pig eyes, refractive surgeryAfter the customers were finished with the demonstration, we got the chance to practice on the remaining eyes.

Refractive surgery, wet lab, pig eyesHere is one of my colleagues working with one of the pig eyes. It is very delicate work.

I also got a chance to try the procedure on one of the eyes. It takes really good hand eye coordination and I have a lot more respect for surgeons after giving this a try.

Pig eyes, wet lab, cornea procedures.Here are the eyes after they were operated on. Instead of simply being disposed of at a packing plant, they were put to good use today.


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